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Hobo Encased Nickel

Obverse and reverse of hand carved Hobo encased 1935 Buffalo nickel with train and tracks - Hobo Riding the Rails

Hobo Riding the Rails

The hand carved encased nickel shown above was carved by Tyler Tyson. I recently purchased it from him on eBay. The description below are his words from the listing on eBay. It is a really unusual encased coin and very well done.

Obverse - This Hand Carved Hippie Hobo Nickel by Tyler Tyson was carved in a custom encasement (encasement also designed by Tyler Tyson). Using an assortment of hand tools, some of which are homemade, the nickel was carved inside the encasement. The steel encasement - Hobo Riding the Rails with train, railroad tracks and crossing signs. This encasement was put together years ago, though it was hand carved this year.

Reverse - If you're stuck in a pickle here's a nickel (stock reverse). Hand Carving - Buffalo has his own hat, with rising sunrise below buffalo's chin and carvers initials "TDT" and year carved 19' for 2019. After being in a brutal car wreck a few years ago, the artist started putting the rising sun on all of his carvings. Every new day alive is a gift.

(Tyler Tyson - Oklahoma Carver) - I've been carving coins for a few years now, I typically do not sell online.

Below is a close up of the reverse showing clearly the carver's initials and date as referenced above.

close up of reverse of Hobo Encased showing carver's initials and date

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