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Pan Am Temple of Music 1901 Pan Am Exposition, Buffalo, NY
Pan Am Temple of Music 1901 Pan Am Exposition, Buffalo, NY

Vulcanite encased Pan Am Temple of Music 1901 Pan Am Exposition, Buffalo, NY

Celluloid encased are tokens that have a solid face with advertising on it and the reverse has an encased coin. The first piece I ever found was for Ramos Gin Fizz. The Ramos token is the size of a button and advertises the "Ramos Gin Fizz". The RamosGin Fizz was a drink served in New Orleans that has become a tradition. "Henry C. Ramos, who served the drink at his Imperial Cabinet Saloon in the 1880s, dictate that the drink be shaken for several minutes to achieve that ethereal texture. Traditionally, bars handled this by creating bartender relays, with a long line of “shaker men” employed to emulsify the drink. Ramos’s Gin Fizz became so popular that, during the 1915 Carnival season, he had more than 30 shaker men behind the bar. A handful of purists still do it that way." (excerpted from punchdrink.com)

Ramos Gin Fizz celluloid encased cent

The piece below advertising Rothschild Brothers 20th Anniversary is a rare piece. I have not seen another one since I bought this one.

Rothschild Celluloid Encased Rothschilds Celluloid encased cents side Indian

This "Drink Union Made Beer" token is also a celluloid encased. Both it and the one above were made by Whitehead and Hoag, Co., Newark, NJ.

Union Made Beer celluloid encased Union Made Beer 1902 Indian cent side

At the 1901 Pan Am Exposition there were celluloid encased that show a picture of one of the exhibit halls and have a 1901 Indian Head cent encased on the other side. An example of this is at the top of this page. These tokens are rare in any condition and very rare with the picture complete. There sell for over $200 on Ebay and are seldom offered. One piece I know of sold for over $350

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