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Pan Am Temple of Music 1901 Pan Am Exposition, Buffalo, NY
Pan Am Temple of Music 1901 Pan Am Exposition, Buffalo, NY

Vulcanite encased Pan Am Temple of Music 1901 Pan Am Exposition, Buffalo, NY

Designing the Encasement

The Central States Numismatic Society issued an encased cent to commemorate it's "Civil War Forum" at their 73rd Anniversary Convention. The design was a collaborative effort of Convention Chairman Kevin Foley, Education Director Ray Lockwood and myself, CSNS Vice President Bruce Perdue. Ray and Bruce are encased collectors. As the prime mover in this project I wanted a 2012 piece strictly for the convention and a special Commemorative piece for the "Civil War Forum". For the 2012 piece Kevin suggested the obverse have the CSNS Logo on it as well as the pertinent information on the convention.

Below is the working drawing of the piece created by Penny Press Mint. Kelly took our requirements and created the drawing and then with our approval he created the die for the obverse of the encasement using this drawing. For the reverse of the encasements we choose stock dies to control the cost. 500 2012 cents were encased with the 73rd Convention obverse.

Working Image of CSNS encased cent

For the "Civil War Forum" encasement we wanted to again add the appropriate information and some Civil War elements. Kelly and I discussed the requirements and he produced the drawing below which was approved for the final die. Again in order to control costs a stock die was used. In the case, "Now He Belongs to the Ages" with Abe Lincoln's signature below. For the cents to be encased in the "Civil War Forum" we choose the 2009 cent with the four (4) different reverses signifying Lincoln's life. 125 of each reverse were encased.

drawing for CSNS Civil War Forum Encased cent

The final encased coins look like this!

CSNS Obverse - 2012 Convention Commemorative for Civil War Froum
CSNS 2012 Convention Civil War Forum Commemorative encased

2012 CSNS encased coin obverse
2012 CSNS Convention Encased Cent

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