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CSNS 72nd Anniversary Convention and Encased

Drawing of the CSNS 2012 Encased Design Obverse
Drawing of the CSNS 2012 Encased Design Reverse with Civil War Forum

Original Design Drawings of the CSNS Encased

Central States 72nd Convention & Encased Coins

At the end of April 2011 the Central States Numismatic Society held it's 72 Anniversary Convention at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. During that convention there were several "encased"  related occurrences.

First was that I put together an exhibit of encased coins. It was titled, "Encased A Variety of Varieties". the fours cases contained almost 60 individual encased pieces. the purpose of the exhibit was to demonstrate the wide variety that encased coins come in. From the various styles of encasements; round, horseshoe, chamber pot and wishbone, to different encasement materials and coins. this was my first competitive exhibition. I was gratified and pleased to receive a 2nd place in the "Token" category.

      2nd place ribbon and award CSNS 72nd Convention

Then while taking a moment from my convention staff duties I came across two encased silver dollar pieces at Paul Cunningham's table. I quickly negotiated a price for both of them with Paul and moved on. Paul is the only dealer that I can see who carries a large stock of encased coins. Paul's website Cunningham Exonumia can be found here at cunninghamexonumia.com.

Encased Morgan Dollar - Calvert wiskey Keys to Success
Calvert wiskey success

1881 Morgan Silver Dollar Encased - Calvert Whiskey "Six Keys to Success" "Calvert Distillers Corp., N.Y.C."

DC Boron encased silver dollar
DX Boron encased silver dollar image

1882 DX Boron Encased Morgan Dollar - DX was a brand name used by Boron which was the name that Sohio (Standard Oil of Ohio) used after the breakup of Standard Oil for their service stations outside of Ohio

During the Convention Ray Lockwood, CNSN Education Director, presented a talk on, "The Case for Encased". Due to my convention staff work I was unable to attend, but was told by David Lisot that it was the best attended of the educational presentations. During Ray's talk he mentioned this website and my exhibit. David further mentioned to me that, "The audience was really into it! They were asking questions and excited by Ray's presentation. They group was astounded that no one knows what the rarest encased coin is."

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